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Registration tonight!

CREDIT HOLDERS are allowed to register this evening from 6-9 pm. Here are a few reminders to make this process seamless....

  1. You MUST have a PRINTED copy of your credit with you when you register. We can not and will not be able to search for credits, as we don't even have a printer on site to supply a copy of your credit to you. Showing us the copy of your credit on your phone will not work as we need to turn in your credit as payment.

  2. Only ONE person is allowed to come in to the pool area to register. Enter the pool through the main pool doors and the hallway will hold the backflow of people if necessary. The exit will then be across the pool to the opposite doors. The doors to the hallway will open at 5, the doors to the pool to start registration will open at 6pm.

  3. CASH, CHECK, or MONEY ORDER ONLY. We do not take credit cards.

  4. Please have your registration form prefilled out as much as you can. We can always add the classes on while you are there if you have questions. It saves a ton of time to have all of your personal information already pre filled in.

  5. You must have on a mask when you come in to register. We do not have masks to pass out if you don't have one.

  6. Please pack your patience. We don't know what to expect and we have revamped our registration process due to Covid. Our goal is to get everyone in and out as quickly as possible.

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